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how to make money as a dancer

But for such a simple question, few people know it, and few people reflect on it. Even when many people can't make moneyhow to make money as a dancer, they have never thought about whether there is a problem with their choice.

I remember Cai Kangyong once said something like this: When I was 15 years old, I found it difficult to swim and gave up swimming. When I was 18 years old, I met someone you like and asked you to go swimming. At the age of 18, I found it difficult to learn English and gave up English. At the age of 28, I found a great job that had to be able to speak English. You had to say "I don't know how". The more troublesome you are in the early stages of your life, the more you are too lazy to learn, the more likely you are to miss people and things that fascinate you, and to miss new scenery.

And she is no longer the old lady who set up a stall in front of her house. She volunteered a small commodity company to take a fancy to her traffic. She is now a partner of the company, and her main job is to find the first-hand source of goods for everyone to set up a stall. Looking at her latest article, she has been running across the country since the beginning of the 7th year, looking for sources, and she also made a small video. She posted videos in Kuaishou, and many people liked it. It can be seen that she is working hard and earnestly. The official account has posted red envelopes with the most likes. From time to time, she invites some stalls in WeChat to do training, which is also a lot of work. Moreover, his persistence lasted for several years, and it was too far behind her at the beginning.

So, how do we do it? From the perspective of Cangsong Wangzhuan blog, there are big ways to make money, and small ways to make money. The most important thing is to rationally evaluate your own resource conditions and find the method that suits you.

The rise of online education has spurred a new professional "net teacher", that is, online online teaching teachers. In fact, web-based on-site tutoring platforms have spread throughout the online education market. In addition to some full-time online education teachers, there are also developed public teachers in part-time online teaching, which benefit from it; many parents and students are also willing to pay for online extracurricular guidance. Flexible class hours, bookable teaching relationships, and considerable income have attracted many in-service public school teachers to join them. Entrepreneurs in this field have dual identities, they are both entrepreneurs and "teachers."

10. If I were to take the initiative to finhow to make money as a dancerd someone to add, even if I did, I might not buy my things. Therefore, I completely gave up on taking the initiative to add people.

The first is equipment upgrade, SLR is indispensable, and then equipped with a portable photo printer, and then hang a QR code for voluntary rewards, the whole set of equipment is carried, the fixed line becomes mobile, and the model is upgraded to voluntary rewards. Choose a tourist, take a few pictures first, then the portable printer will automatically print it out, and show the picture to her: I took a picture for you, how beautiful you look, she asks how much money, take out the QR code , Voluntary rewards, no pain in payment.

Many people have micro-shops, but the store doesn’t feel very good. Many people can’t do it, but some people can do it, so this can also be considered. Now more and more people are entering the army of wechat business, some have succeeded, some have given up. With the increasing competition in the market, wechat business is not as good as before. We must choose to do wechat business. Good products, choose products with a high repurchase rate, so that there will be repeat customers.

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